Ritz-Carlton Reserve: Pearl Island

«Only a few miles offshore South of Panama City rests a unique island resort waiting to be discovered. With almost 30 kilometers of coastline, 14 private beaches and one of the richest marine and bird sanctuaries on the planet, Pearl Island breaks new ground, environmentally, economically and socially, for the region.»

Casa Vida: Tulum

«Casa Vida offers an escape, turning dreams into reality. The luxury villa is brand new and designed with a modern Mediterranean style, using natural elements and textures to connect with nature.»

Kan Hotel: Tulum

«Nestled in the vibrant jungle in the heart of the town, KAN Tulum emerges as a holistic haven, entwining the threads of ancestral well-being, gastronomy, artistic expression, music, cultural wonders, paired with the serene embrace of a natural cenote and an extraordinary amphitheater; all breathing out the authentic spirit and nostalgic resonance of Tulum’s original vibe.»

Manglex Cenote Experience: Tulum

«Located in a little explored area, which still maintains the root style of Tulum, mangleX is a hidden gem a few meters from the entrance to the «Sian Ka’an» biosphere reserve.»